“In uncertain times, work with those
with imagination and flexibility”

Technology envoy:

A solution for overseas businesses who are aiming to establish their UK presence. This service lets companies benefit from the flexibility of access to professional technical staff who can understand their product and represent them locally as they develop their market, without committing to a full time member of staff.

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Mobile technology consulting:

Focusing on short term contract support for mobile integration projects, Conklude can draw upon extensive experience from the mobile industry to provide both technical and product guidance. Conklude prides itself on the ability to understand new technologies rapidly and spot novel integration approaches, although specific areas of expertise include:

  • Android and iOS support and integration
  • IOT
  • Mobile data solutions and landline alternatives
  • Notification services
  • SMS
  • Bespoke application design and integration
  • Technology and IT integration
  • Device familiarity and training

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